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Company Introduction

Founded in 1968, ShawoHwa has been manufacturing accessories and clean kit for military armory. Due to its highest standard and reasonable pricing, it became s certified military supplier. Since the 1990’s, ShawoHwa transform its business to electronics industry and transfer its laser sighting technology into the production of laser pointer, laser pen and laser distance measurement. Our company also OEM customized USB type souvenirs and consumer type 3C products. In recent year, our newly developed wireless charging has been received excellent reviews from our customers.

Laser Pointer,Wireless chargingWe are able to provide research, development and ODM, OEM for laser products. Our products range includes: Wavelength 405~1550 nm, to VIS ,Power 1 mW~ 100 mW. The development of wireless charging application for 5W~15W, TX & RC and 3C products. Our future development will focus on optical technology for medical industry, semiconductor laser and light detector industry.

Business Concept

  • Insisted on following IC, imported laser head, protection of Intellectual property rights, APC power grid control and steady output, complete QC equipment to make sure products quality with high yield rates.
  • All semiconductor components and OEM parts all have passed FC, CE, ROHS certification requirement and is greatly accepted in Europe and Americas.
  • Follows strict production procedure making sure the product has steady light, provide instant trouble shooting for efficiency.
  • ShawoHwa’s six principles: All products will go through vigorous testing and certification, will not increase product’s price due to increase in cost, will not use substandard material. High precision electrical circuit design, offers customer satisfactory output quality and excellent follow up service.

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    8F., No.89, Qiaohe Rd., Zhonghe Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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