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    As time goes by, the decline of traditional industries forced us to make some changes. Manufacturing laser sight for guns was one of the mainstream industries; hence, we started to manufacture laser pointers and related products such as present remote, laser module etc.
    We obtained the following certificates such as FDA, CE, ROHS to enhance customer satisfaction, especially in Europe and America.
    Recently we produce various kinds of products. For example: USB flash, wireless mouse, stylus pen, laser module (wavelength from 405 to 1310, with visible or invisible light, and power from <1mW to >1000mW) wireless module, and heart rate monitor to meet the change of market.
    In the future, we hope to combine wireless technology and heart rate monitoring in wearable devices, where personal health information can be added and become references when diagnosing. Through wireless technology, we can not only serve customers conveniently but provide biotech database for doctors. Besides, with the photonic background  manufacturing, Shawo Hwa plans to lower the price of biotech-medical products. As a result, users are able to control their health status, and doctors can make more accurate diagnosis based on the cloud databases. Hope it will prolong people’s life.